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Producing in the West End and on Broadway

As Head of Production during 18 years at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s company, RUG (Really Useful Group), Patrick debuted major theatrical productions in the West End and on Broadway, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Bombay Dreams, Evita and The Woman in White.  In London and international territories, Love Never Dies, The Sound of Music, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Wizard of Oz. He is currently the Executive Producer for Global Creatures responsible for bringing the Broadway hit Moulin Rouge! The Musical to the London stage in 2021.



Les Ballets C de la B and beyond

Lisi Estarás is one of the Argentine dancers and choreographers who bests represents dance-theatre in the world. A co-creator of Les Ballets C de la B, her choreographies shine on stages in Belgium, France, Israel, Germany and the Netherlands. As a dance master and dance director, Lisi’s course proposes that her students embark on a journey in search of the development of personal and unique creations.



Large Scale Costume Design

Popa would like to welcome Fabio Namatame to our platform. Fabio initial instruction in Japanese arts, culture, painting, sculpture and music endow his costume design and scenography, which shine in leading international Theater, Opera and Ballet productions, with creativity and histrionics. Fabio is an artist who is uninterested in conventional perceptions of beauty or ugliness and seeks to discover the power of each creation on the stage.



Cultural Management – from Latin America to the world

POPA is proud to present this course with the Director of the Manizales International Theater Festival. An attorney by training, Octavio is an experienced cultural manager, a co-director of MAPAS (South Atlantic Performing Arts Market) and a leading figure on the Latin American cultural scene. He was awarded the 2014 ISPA prize (International Society of Performing Arts) and was given the title of Commander of Arts and Letters by the government of France in 2018 among other honors.



More Than Human

Aline discovered an outlet for her histrionics, emotionality, knowledge and esthetics in the art of puppeteering. Her miniature realistic theater creates the illusion that her puppets are real people that breathe and feel and are capable of bringing tears to the eyes of spectators. Her productions of El Capote and Sobre la cuerda floja were applauded for many seasons on the Chilean stage and have been shown in emblematic theaters and festivals around the world including places like Salamanca (Spain), the Théâtre de la Ville (París), the Pina Bausch Tanzteather Festival (Germany), the Muestra de Teatro Latinoamericano (San Pablo) and the Chéjov Festival (Moscow).