About US - POPA

About US

What is POPA?

The first international performing arts knowledge platform featuring leading figures in the field.

Why a platform?

Because we want to share what we know and leave a legacy narrated by doers who have achieved the highest levels of excellence in the performing arts. 

What’s our goal?

To create a special space where members of the performing arts community can meet and receive training on our craft. A place where we can connect, learn and engage in conversations that improve our skills and our level of knowledge. A space where we can stay active in our profession regardless of geographic boundaries and learn from the leading professionals in the world. 

Who is POPA for?

POPA is for performing arts professionals who seek advanced training and connections with others in their fields as well as for students who are just starting out and want to learn about their craft. It is also open to people who are curious about how the best shows in the world are staged and enjoy being near the magic of the arts.

What does POPA offer?

POPA offers masterclasses taught by leading global figures in the performing arts world who share their knowledge, experience and inspiration. These classes consist of original courses with unique materials including layouts, photographs, animations and exclusive footage of local and international productions that will be available on-demand in Spanish, Portuguese and English. 

What opportunity is POPA creating? 

POPA makes it possible for people across the globe to learn from doers in the performing arts and get an understanding of how the profession operates at the highest levels in world capitals without having to study abroad. It also offers members access to courses taught by performing artists with idiosyncratic viewpoints from other markets.


The word “popa” refers to the stern of a boat in Spanish. Historically, this was the place on a ship where navigation maps were read to chart the course to a destination while hoping to avoid storms and other types of obstacles. At the stern of our ship stand internationally renowned performing arts professionals with a high degree of artistic, technical and operational expertise who are charting the modern course in the field. These experts will show us how the best art productions in the world, those we love and that shaped our lives, came into existence. Without these people, the magic cannot happen. The acronym POPA also stands for Platform of Performing Arts.