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Nils Lunow

The tools to be a technical supervisor


Based on practical examples, this course explains, step by step, the production process in the context of musicals, large scale theater productions, concerts and shows on ice.

Nils Lunow has many years’ experience as a production manager in Germany and many other countries in the world. This allows him to provide examples coming from plays such as Sister Act, Blue Man Group, Das Wunder von Bern or Atlantis, and turns to his knowledge of theater rooms such as Theatre an der Elbe to explain the construction of a theater room.

Each step of this course will be considered from the beginning as a part of a whole, building a timeline and a budget, either approximate or detailed, and showing what type of diagrams to make and why it can be useful to build a model. It will also discuss what is needed in an acting space and who must work hand in hand with a production manager.

We will talk about the technical riders that must be sent to developers in advance in order to prepare a theater or any other space in order to ensure the right operation of a production’s tour. We will also cover the bidding process and the necessary visits to workshops.

We will explain what teams are needed to be hired for the physical construction of a production, how to receive the equipment in the theater and everything about dry techs, from the first ones to opening night. All this will be seen from the point of view of technical management and modern technology.

Besides, the course provides a real image of what a production manager needs to learn in order to be successful in their work and become a crucial link with producers, directors and designers.


  • Technical managers/supervisors
  • Set designers
  • Architects
  • House managers
  • Technical people
  • Head carpenters
  • Head electricians
  • Engineers and architects who want to be part of the leading technical team to create a production
  • Engineers and architects who want to prepare a venue to fit for theater and performances
  • Students of related areas
  • Journalists, art critics and related areas
  • People from disciplines linked to the theater industry and performing and visual arts
  • People interested in arts who want to discover how the different disciplines come together to make the magic of a show happen on stage


Module 1

Dry Start – time and money.
1.1 Introduction.
1.2 What, where, why.
1.3 Production schedule.
1.4 Production budget.

Module 2

From technical design to tender.
2.1 Production drawings.
2.2 Technical rider.
2.3 “Das wunder Von Bern”.
2.4 Tender.

Module 3

All the way to opening.
3.1 Model.
3.2 Tender Drawings.
3.3 Crew.
3.4 Load in.
3.5 Rehearsal until opening night.

Nils Lunow

Nils Lunow was Project Manager for theater constructions in Milan, Rome, Hamburg, Berlin, Las Vegas and Munich and has participated in shows in London, São Paulo, Sydney, Orlando and Singapore, among other cities. He was head of production on the Disney adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame which was made at the Potsdamer Platz theater in Berlin and the adaptation of Beauty and the Beast which was made in Milan in the Teatro Nazionale. Among his last works, he led the international tour of Holiday On Ice that passed through Germany, France and Switzerland, and was working on the new version of Harry Potter in Hamburg.
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  • Subtitles: No
  • Duration: 2h 17 min of original material
  • Program: 3 modules
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  • Price AR$: 3900