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Nick Evans

Directing Sessions


A theatre director must be creator, politician, mentor, collaborator and leader, all in one. He or she must create the world of the play onstage and the environment in the rehearsal room that makes the performance possible.

Nick Evans has worked in the West End theatres of London and across the world. In this course he will set a path of how a person can find their way to become a director.

We will look at how a director works with a script to find a version of a play or musical that is unique and relevant to the audience it serves. We will also look at some of the plays that have shaped Nick as a director and what we can learn from them.

We will focus on the director as a leader, and how that requires a balance of decision making and building a team of talents empowered to create their own vision. A separate section of the course will also share Nick’s experience of working with actors: the most vital, creative and fragile element of a director’s work.

The importance of planning. The importance of casting. The importance of developing performances even after they open. The skillsbase that improve a director at any stage of their career.

Importantly Nick also draws on his early career development, his work as a resident and associate director to assist other directors in running major international shows, and also his own original work as director, allowing those following the course to develop their work in different ways.

Using personal experience and direct examples, as well as sharing documents and plans he uses on a daily basis, Nick hopes to become a mentor and advisor to a new generation of directors.


  • Directors
  • Assistants
  • Direction students
  • Producers
  • Tour managers
  • Stage managers
  • Set designers
  • Composers
  • Choreographers
  • Dancers
  • Actors and actresses
  • Singers
  • People interested in musical theatre and theatre in general
  • Journalists, art critics and related areas
  • People from disciplines linked to the theatre industry and performing and visual arts
  • People interested in arts who want to discover how the different disciplines come together to make the magic of a show happen on stage


Module 1

1.1 Steering the ocean liner.
1.2 About Billy Elliot.
1.3 Being Associate Director.
1.4 Scheduling.
1.5 Scheduling for Billy Elliot.
1.6 The rehearsal room.
1.7 Casting.
1.8 Show watching & maintenance.
1.9 Show report.
1.10 Media work.
1.11 Leadership.

Module 2

2.1 From the Page to the Stage – Creating a Vision
2.2 Reading the play
2.3 Opposites
2.4 Leap of faith
2.5 The forensic stage
2.6 The detailed research
2.7 Moments
2.8 Resume

Module 3

3.1 The director as a dreamer: the visual imperative
3.2 Mexican superstar
3.3 A team to build a dream
3.4 Building the dream team
3.5 Production meetings
3.6 Blocking
3.7 Echoes and patterns for a vision
3.8 Getting to “Getsemani”
3.9 The tech rehearsal
3.10 Teamwork

Module 4

4.1 The foundry: the casting process
4.2 A character breakdown
4.3 The fantasy cast
4.4 Acting, dance and singing
4.5 The casting grid
4.6 The power of casting
4.7 The casting director
4.8 Auditioning
4.9 Four stages for a successful process

Module 5

5.1 The psychology of actors
5.2 The relationship with actors
5.3 Working with the fear
5.4 The culture
5.5 Guiding the children
5.6 Lead actors, team leaders
5.7 Celebrities in theater
5.8 Covers
5.9 Difficult actors
5.10 Older actors, great experience
5.11 Synthesis

Module 6

6.1 Back to the fields
6.2 Coming out of darkness
6.3 Yorkshire “Miserables”
6.4 New (young) actors
6.5 (You can´t live without) Money
6.6 Fight or flight
6.7 With a little help from my friends
6.8 The white rose
6.9 The power of art and love

Module 7

7.1 The next job
7.2 Connecting people
7.3 Cultivate yourself
7.4 Core values
7.5 Raise your hand to pitch
7.6 Grab the attention with your pitch
7.7 Write down your pitch
7.8 Don´t be afraid of failing
7.9 Human after all

Module 8

8.1 The bookstore
8.2 To be or not to be
8.3 The theater of the oppressed
8.4 Prisoners and actors
8.5 Directing as a salesman
8.6 The cover run
8.7 Directing in Neverland
8.8 At liberty
8.9 Into the woods with the three T´s
8.10 Directing horses
8.11 The next chapter

Nick Evans

After studying English Literature at the University of Warwick and Theater Production at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, he has worked in various roles in the performing arts world. As Associate Director of Billy Elliot in London, he has trained over 15 Billys and coordinated a series of events linked to the play. He has also served as associate director of Rock of Ages and the Jesus Christ Superstar tour of the UK and Australia, in addition to being the Resident Director of the international tour of Mamma Mia! in places like Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Hong Kong and Switzerland, among others.
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitles: No
  • Duration: 9h 45 min of original material
  • Program: 8 modules
  • Price US$: 168
  • Price AR$: 16800