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Master Courses

Sam Hunter & Julia Whittle

Stage Management: From theatre to the Olympics

Sam Hunter and Julia Whittle have been involved in some of the most spectacular international live events and prestigious theatrical productions to have taken place in the last 25 years. Together in Control Rooms, they've run the largest shows on the planet.
Charlotte Mooney

Creating contemporary circus

Contemporary circus is an extraordinary art form combining circus disciplines with dance, live art, theatre, cabaret, sculpture and more to continually question, push and reinvent live performance.
Gastón Briski

Sound design for musical theater

This course explores all the fundamentals of creating a large-scale sound design by tracing the technical and artistic journey from the starting point of a project to the post-release stage.
Nick Evans

Directing Sessions

A theatre director must be creator, politician, mentor, collaborator and leader, all in one. He or she must create the world of the play onstage and the environment in the rehearsal room that makes the performance possible.
Alberto Negrin

The scene, the place for creation

Stage design is a process of discovery, learning and search. It encourages curiosity and readiness for adventure. Developing the range of our horizons towards stage concepts is much more than being creative or witness to creativity.